“Digitization, customer experience
              and knowledge enrichment have
our constant attention.”
“We invest in the relationship
with our customers and debtors”
“Knowledge of the profession,
        the market and the customer
is essential to us”

Van der Hoeden | Mulder
Bailiffs & Lawyers

Specialists in debt collection and legal advice. Sturdy, transparent, reliable and decisive, with a feeling for the environment in which we work. We are invaluable in all stages of debtor management and collection. Amicable or judicial collection, high-quality legal advice and legal assistance are just as important to us as the traditional services, such as serving summonses, seizures and evictions.

A unique and complete package under one roof. With the human touch and the personal contact of a compact and enterprising office. Every organization will find in us an experienced, committed, alert and thoughtful partner. Always with attention to your situation. Van der Hoeden|Mulder bailiffs and lawyers.


“In our daily collection practice, we work with SMS, e-mail, telephone messages and home visits.
Modern technology plays an important role in this. But we also send the old-fashioned letter. How do you stand out in a world that is increasingly digitizing? Suddenly another letter falls into that empty mailbox. This must be very important...”