Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, corporate social responsibility is closely linked to our position in society. This means that we take into account the effects of our business operations on people, the environment and society.

We do our job while taking the entire situation into account. Of course we collect outstanding receivables from your debtors, but we look very closely at the debtor's position. We always distinguish between debtors who do not want to pay and debtors who cannot pay. Through customization we are able to carry out the collection to the satisfaction of all involved.

We believe it is important that debtors are aware of their responsibility. That is why we support initiatives that promote sound financial management. We actively deploy our knowledge and expertise in this area at numerous social organisations.

Om invulling te geven aan bovenstaande doelstellingen en om ons op dat punt blijvend verder te ontwikkelen zijn wij deelnemer van SRCM (Social Responsible Credit Management)