Other real estate

We are familiar with all forms of real estate

You operate real estate. Then of course you do not want to have high arrears percentages and adequate debtor management is therefore of the utmost importance. This periodically recurring phenomenon must be a well-oiled machine. Practice sometimes proves more unruly. Tenants who cannot or do not want to pay give you the necessary headaches and involve extra work. Activities that you might prefer not to deal with, but which are our daily business: from the first reminder, via collection procedure up to and including judicial eviction; We have it in our service package.

With our practical, decisive all-in approach, we are happy to contribute to an optimal return for your organization. It is good for you to know that we are at home in all forms of real estate, from (youth) housing to industrial and commercial real estate.

And if problems arise of a nature other than payment arrears, then you don't have to look for another party, but our own lawyers are ready to help you. Look here to see an overview of our specializations.

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