Word list

What do all those terms mean?


Aanmaning (Notice): A letter from or on behalf of a creditor setting a timeframe within which you must pay.
Ambtshandeling (Official act): Activities that the bailiff performs in the context of his office, such as summoning, serving writs, seizing, eviction, foreclosure, etc.
Appèl (Appeal): (also called: Hoger beroep) Possibility to submit a case to a higher court after a court decision.


Beslag (confiscation): An official act of a bailiff whereby part of the assets (income, bank balance, movable or immovable property, etc.) are withdrawn from the debtor's control.
Beslagvrije voet (Seizure-free rate): The part of a periodic income (salary, benefit, pension, etc.) that cannot be seized.
Betekening (Service of a writ): Judicial communication of an official document to the addressee by means of a bailiff's writ. Bevel (Injunction): Notice by means of a writ from a bailiff to comply with an enforceable order (judgment, writ of execution, etc.) within a specified period. After this period, the bailiff can enforce the title.
Btag.: Decision Rates Official acts Bailiffs. Government decision setting the annual rates for official acts of bailiffs.


Curator: Person appointed by the court who arranges for the distribution of a debtor's assets in a bankruptcy.


Dagvaarding: Writ of a bailiff in which the addressee (defendant) is summoned to appear in court at a specific time and which describes what the applicant (claimant) requires from the defendant.


Executie: The forced enforcement of enforceable titles (seizure, eviction, surrender, etc.)
Executoriale titel: Document subject to enforcement by a bailiff (judgment, writ of execution, notarial deed, etc.)


Faillissement: Situation of inability to pay in which a bankruptcy trustee is appointed by the court and the debtor can no longer dispose of his assets.


Gerechtsdeurwaarder: Public official appointed by the King/Queen responsible for performing official acts.


Hoger beroep: (also: appeal) Possibility to submit a case to a higher court after a court decision.
Hoofdelijk aansprakelijk: Situation in which several debtors are each liable for the entire debt.


Incassokosten: Costs of extrajudicial collection of a monetary claim.




Loonbeslag: Attachment on income from employment.




Ontruiming: Judicial eviction by a bailiff.


Politie-beslag: Seizure of movable property for which a home or business premises will be entered in the presence of a police inspector.




Stadionverbod: Notification by bailiff's writ that the addressee has no access to football stadiums and their entrances and access roads for a certain period, during and around matches of professional football clubs.
Schuldsanering: Out-of-court or judicial settlement between a debtor and all its creditors for the discharge of its indebtedness.



Uitvoerbaar bij voorraad: This means that a court decision can be executed even if an appeal or opposition has been lodged.


Verstek: Conviction of the defendant without appearing in court.
Verzet: Possibility of submitting a case again to the same court after a court decision has been rendered in absentia.