debt relief

Attention to debt counseling

Debt counseling requires a careful approach. But be cautious: Some Debt counselors can make the problems worse.
Without Van der Hoeden|Mulder being able to guarantee the quality of the services provided and without guarantee that mediation by such a debt counselor will always lead to a solution, it can generally be stated that members of the NVVK institutions are in any case a reliable party. The link below will take you to the NVVK website. On it you can see which bodies are affiliated with the NVVK. Click here to be redirected to the NVVK website.

On the 'Schuldenwijzer' website you can quickly and safely obtain an overview of the seizures on your income using your DigiD. Click here to visit the 'Schuldenwijzer' website.

On the website '' you can calculate and check your seizure-free rate yourself. Click here to visit the website.

Due to our position in the social field, we have built up a lot of knowledge about this often complex subject. More and more municipalities know where to find us when it comes to matters related to debt counseling. For example, with the introduction of VISH (Reference Index Debt Assistance). The municipality of Amsterdam, asked our office to act as a sounding board for the introduction of this important platform for debt counseling.

Almost all municipalities have a special counter for debt counseling. In Amsterdam this is arranged per district. Always contact your municipality or district for this.

When it comes to rent debts and imminent evictions in Amsterdam, you can contact the Hotline Eropaf.

Here you can download an information brochure from the website of 'Eropaf'.