Don't be afraid of the bailiff

If you have received a message from us about a debt, it is always wise to contact us. Many people are shocked by a letter from the bailiff. And we understand that very well. But if we don't hear from you, we may think you are unwilling to pay. And then further measures may be taken, which will only increase the costs. So in any case, always contact our office.

If you acknowledge the debt, you can discuss with one of our employees how and when you want to pay the debt. If you cannot pay the entire amount in one go, it is often possible to reach an agreement on payment in a number of instalments.
If you do not agree with the claim, then we would like to hear that too. We often find a solution in good consultation.
If you have more debts and you are unable to find a financial solution, then it might be wise to call in debt assistance. For more information about this click here.

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